Here's our shorthand notation and the articles they refer to.

A Guide to Applying IOP-lowering Drops

Comanaging Invasive Glaucoma Surgeries

Glaucoma Care with Laser Precision

Glaucoma: Lifestyles of the Antioxidant Rich and Famous (Earn 2 CE Credits)

MIGS Madness: An Atlas of Options

Review's July 2018 issue catalogued just about every way to lower IOP out there, ranging from tried-and-true medications  in use for decades to experimental drug delivery systems still in the works, plus over two dozen surgical approaches.

Use the index below to navigate through the five feature articles in this series and quickly find more information on each treatment. IOP-lowering techniques are listed alphabetically, followed by links to where they're discussed in the July 2018 issue:

  1. Ahmed Glaucoma Valve (New World Medical): Surgery
  2. Alphagan P (Allergan): Medications, Laser
  3. Argon laser trabeculoplasty: Laser
  4. Azarga (Novartis): Medications
  5. Azopt (Novartis): Medications
  6. Baerveldt implant (AMO/Johnson & Johnson Vision): Surgery
  7. Betagan (Allergan): Medications
  8. Betimol (Akorn): Medications
  9. Betoptic-S (Novartis): Medications
  10. Bimatoprost SR (Allergan): Medications
  11. Bimatoprost-eluting ring (Allergan): Medications
  12. Black currant anthocyanins: Lifestyle
  13. Brim-Dor PF (Imprimis): Medications
  14. Canaloplasty (iTrack, Ellex): MIGS
  15. Cataract surgery: MIGS, Surgery
  16. Combigan (Allergan): Medications
  17. Cosopt (Akorn): Medications, Laser
  18. Cosopt PF (Akorn): Medications
  19. Cyclophotocoagulation, endoscopic (Beaver-Visitec International):Laser, MIGS
  20. Cyclophotocoagulation, transscleral (Cyclo G6/MicroPulse P3, Iridex): MIGS
  21. CyPass micro-stent (Alcon): MIGS  
  22. Diamox (Teva Pharmaceuticals): Medications
  23. Dor-Tim (Imprimis): Medications
  24. Dorzolamide PF (Imprimis): Medications
  25. DuoTrav (Novartis): Medications
  26. Durasert latanoprost (EyePoint Pharma): Medications
  27. Durasite bimatoprost gel (ISV-215, InSite Vision): Medications
  28. Electromagnetic stimulation (Bionode): Medications
  29. ENV-515 intracameral travoprost (Envisia/Aerie): Medications           
  30. Estrogen: Lifestyle
  31. Evolute punctal plug (Mati Therapeutics): Medications
  32. Excimer laser trabeculostomy:Laser
  33. ExerciseLifestyle
  34. Express mini shunt (Alcon): MIGS, Surgery
  35. Eye-D latanoprost insert (BioLight): Medications
  36. Ganfort (Allergan): Medications
  37. GB-201 subconjunctival drug (GrayBug): Medications
  38. GB-202 subconjunctival drug (GrayBug): Medications
  39. GB-203 subconjunctival drug (GrayBug): Medications
  40. Glycerin: Medications
  41. Gonioscopy-assisted transluminal trabeculotomy : MIGS
  42. Hydrus Microstent (Ivantis): MIGS
  43. iDose (Glaukos): Medications
  44. InnFocus MicroShunt (InnFocus, Santen): MIGS
  45. Iopidine (Novartis): Medications, Laser
  46. Isopto Carpine (Novartis): Medications
  47. Istalol (Bausch + Lomb): Medications
  48. iStent (Glaukos): MIGS
  49. iStent Inject (Glaukos): MIGS
  50. iStent Supra (Glaukos): MIGS
  51. Kahook Dual Blade (New World Medical): MIGS
  52. Laser peripheral iridotomy: Laser
  53. Latanoprost PF (Imprimis): Medications
  54. Latanoprost-eluting contact lens: Medications
  55. Liposomal latanoprost subconjunctival insert (Peregrine Ophthalmics): Medications
  56. Lumigan (Allergan): Medications
  57. Marijuana: Medications
  58. Micropulse laser trabeculoplasty (Iridex): Laser
  59. Molteno implant (Katena): Surgery
  60. Neptazane (Fera, Perrigo): Medications
  61. Omega-3 supplementation: Lifestyle
  62. Omni drop timolol & latanoprost (Ocular Science): Medications
  63. Omni drop timolol, brimonidine & dorzolamide AM formula (Ocular Science): Medications
  64. Omni drop timolol, brimonidine, dorzolamide & latanoprost PM formula (Ocular Science): Medications
  65. Optipranolol (Bausch Health): Medications
  66. Osmitrol (Baxter): Medications
  67. OTX-TP punctal plug (Ocular Therapeutix): Medications
  68. Phospholine Iodide (Wyeth): Medications
  69. Pilopine HS (Novartis): Medications
  70. Replenish MicroPump (Replenish): Medications
  71. Rhopressa (Aerie): Medications
  72. Roclatan (Aerie): Medications
  73. Selective laser trabeculoplasty (Ellex, Lumenis): Laser
  74. Simbrinza (Novartis): Medications
  75. Sleep position: Lifestyle
  76. SoliDrop (Selkie Therapeutics, Otero Therapeutics): Medications
  77. Solx Gold Shunt (Solx): MIGS
  78. Subconjunctival latanoprost injection (IBI-60089, EyePoint Pharma): Medications
  79. Suprachoroidal brimonidine injection (Clearside Biomedical and Santen): Medications
  80. Tim-Brim-Dor PF (Imprimis): Medications
  81. Tim-Brim-Dor-Lat PF (Imprimis): Medications
  82. Tim-Dor-Lat PF (Imprimis): Medications
  83. Tim-Lat PF (Imprimis): Medications
  84. Timolol-eluting contact lens: Medications
  85. Timoptic (Merck): Medications
  86. Timoptic in Ocudose (Bausch + Lomb): Medications
  87. Timoptic-XE (Merck): Medications
  88. TODDD (Amorphex Therapeutics): Medications
  89. Trab360 (Sight Sciences): MIGS
  90. Trabectome (NeoMedix): MIGS
  91. Trabeculectomy: MIGS, Surgery
  92. Travatan Z (Novartis): Medications
  93. Trusopt (Merck): Medications
  94. Ultrasound-mediated cyclomodification (EyeTechCare): MIGS
  95. Visco360 (Sight Sciences): MIGS
  96. Vyzulta (Bausch + Lomb): Medications
  97. Xalatan (Pfizer): Medications, Laser
  98. Xalcom (Pfizer): Medications
  99. Xen gel stent (Allergan): MIGS
  100. Zioptan (Akorn): Medications