With digital device use pervasive in modern society, progressive spectacle lens wearers would welcome a correction that supports prolonged, comfortable use of the reading area. That’s the rationale Signet Armorlite used when designing its new Kodak Unique DRO progressive lens, launching today. 

The product introduces what Signet calls “dynamic reading optimization” (DRO). The manufacturer says this new technology improves the overall optical performance of the lens, increases the effective reading area by 17% and decreases total oblique astigmatic errors in the reading zone by 54%. The result, says the company, is a lens that allows the eyes to comfortably focus in the reading area for longer periods of time. 

Like other lenses in this line, Kodak Unique DRO offers a full backside progressive design, six corridor lengths and availability in 60+ materials.

A high definition option is also available for practitioners who want to adapt the lens the individual patient’s viewing needs.

Visit www.signetarmorlite.com for more information.