Now your contact lens patients who opt for monthly replacement have a new suite of options for all prescriptions: plus, minus, toric or multifocal. Miru 1month, a new product line from Menicon, is now available in the US as spheres for myopia and hyperopia, as a toric for astigmatism and as a multifocal for treating presbyopia.

The lens has a Dk/t of 161 and further optimizes oxygen transmissibility by using a design that controls and minimizes thickness, Menicon says. Also, the toric has a prism-free optic zone and an asymmetric profile to ensure maximum oxygen transmissibility while also matching the eyelids’ natural asymmetric coverage of the cornea to optimize centration and minimize rotation, the company explains. Surface properties help to achieve high wettability and reduce adhesion of surface contaminants (e.g., bacterial biofilm, lipid deposits, cosmetics) while maintaining satisfactory oxygen permeability, according to the company.

Lastly, the company touts the lens design’s unique edge profile, which it says provides uniform comfort regardless of lens power. “The lens periphery and the edge thickness remain constant across powers, eliminating comfort differences between eyes due to variation in edge thickness between lenses,” a company release explains.

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