Patients interested in eye color-enhancing contact lenses can now consider three new options inspired by the rare stones amethyst, sapphire and turquoise, now available for Air Optix Colors lenses. These additions bring the slate of choices up to 12 colors. Colored lenses are a potential source of incremental revenue, Alcon says; its data shows that approximately half of all consumers are interested in color contact lenses and greater than 50 percent would wear them in addition to their current lenses.

To help such patients try out colors more easily, the company is also launching a two-count pack for all options in the product line. This smaller size pack gives patients a more flexible way to ‘play’ with eye color for part-time wear and to try multiple colors, Alcon says. Patients without refractive error are also interested in the option purely for the cosmetic benefit, the company notes.

Alcon will be supporting the launch with new digital materials that practices can share through their own websites and social media feeds. Patients can also try out all the colors online by uploading selfies and browsing the color options on the Alcon website, using the product line’s Color Studio tool.