The rock and roll “power trio” lineup relies on just a core group of players (all virtuosos, typically) who approach their craft with creative bravado, producing epics that push the boundaries. Groups like Cream and the Jimi Hendrix Experience epitomized the power trio during the classic rock era. The form may have fallen out of favor in recent years, but it’s a dynamic I’ve always enjoyed witnessing. (Here at Review, production manager Scott Tobin and I are unabashed fans of Rush, touring this summer for their 40th anniversary.) A tight trio that really clicks can produce amazing results.

Meet the Band
As we wrap this issue of Review, I feel like we have a power trio of our own: Drs. Joe Sowka, Alan Kabat and Andy Gurwood, all expert clinicians who can wield a slit lamp like Clapton playing a Stratocaster. (Andy, in fact, is a guitarist for real.) These three play so many roles here it’s sometimes hard to keep track. 

Dr. Kabat, as one of our associate clinical editors, helps to shape the content of the publication, vet manuscripts and suggest authors. He also consistently raises the bar for editorial quality—he’s as tenacious about grammar as he is about scientific rigor and clinical relevance.

Dr. Sowka coauthors the monthly Therapeutic Review column with Dr. Kabat, and reviews manuscripts as a vital part of our editorial screening process. He also authors standalone features, notably on glaucoma (look for one next month on glaucomatocyclitic crisis) and contributes to the overall planning process for the publication.

Dr. Gurwood authors the highly popular Diagnostic Quiz on the back page of the magazine, where he challenges readers to test their clinical acumen. In the same vein, Andy reviews and coordinates our case reports (look for a great one this month on page 82). And he even found time this month to coauthor a thorough overview of enhanced depth imaging OCT (page 70). Whenever there’s something new to help improve diagnosis, we’re confident that Andy can give our readers the lowdown.

Summer Festival
But this month’s showpiece for these esteemed clinicians is, of course, The Handbook of Ocular Disease Management. It’s here that the trio really rocks, as their unique strengths converge to create something truly outstanding. Begun nearly two decades ago, this ambitious project bridges academia and practice—distilling the hands-on clinical expertise the triumvirate has cultivated in treating ocular diseases from the mundane to the exotic, all supported with copious references. This edition weighs in at 40,000 words and nearly 1,000 references (952 for you sticklers), with 30 entries in the guide. 

We have the privilege of working with many outstanding optometrists to produce RO and its offshoots, and thank them all for their generous commitment of time and talent—and, this month especially, Joe, Al and Andy.