A recent study found that six months after cataract surgery, 32% of patients continue to experience persistent postsurgical pain (PPP) and have mild or greater dry eye (DE)–like symptoms.

After examining the DE symptom information of 86 patients post-cataract surgery, researchers found a third of subjects had mild or greater PPP after six months, and 10% reported severe symptoms.

According to the study, “patients with DE-like symptoms after cataract extraction also had higher ocular pain scores and specific ocular complaints (ocular burning, sensitivity to wind and light) compared with controls with no symptoms.” A diagnosis of non-ocular pain increased the risk of DE-like symptoms after surgery, they said.

The study concludes that the “prevalence of severe PPP is in line with that of refractive surgery, dental implants and genitourinary procedures.”

Iglesias E, Sajnani R, Levitt RC, et al. Epidemiology of persistent dry eye-like symptoms after cataract surgery. Cornea. 2018;37(7):893-98.