Dry Eye
Nighttime Relief
Patients who suffer from severe dry eye may find nighttime comfort and relief with Retaine PM, a preservative-free, oil-based formula by OcuSoft.

Retaine PM is packaged in an economical 5-gram tube, offering 43% more than the traditional 3.5 grams. Retaine PM joins a growing line of branded eye care products for OcuSoft, including artificial tears and nutritional supplements.


Get Refined
Add subjective visual acuity testing to refine a patient’s measurements with Topcon’s KR 800S Auto Kerato-Refractometer with Subjective and Glare Testing.

The new 5-in-1 KR-800S incorporates Topcon’s Rotary Prism technology for accuracy and consistency and adds on Subjective Visual Acuity testing for good measure.

Check for near and far distance, contrast sensitivity and have access to a grid and glare test. These tools are particularly useful for cataract surgery candidates who complain of poor night vision.


Online interface
Upgraded and User-Friendly
Next time you log on to SpecialEyes, you can navigate to the Learning Center to access a prescribing nomogram, custom contact lens fitting guides, horizontal visible iris diameter measuring, optical zone assessment tips and other useful tools.

In addition to the website upgrade, the site offers an Arc Length Calculator to accurately calculate arc length of the cornea and an Over-Refraction Calculator, which determines the resultant prescription after a successful in-office over-refraction is performed.


Wrap it Up
If you’ve been in the market for wrap frames to offer in your dispensary, add Zeiss Progressive Choice Plus Sport to your list of lens choices. Zeiss has extended its line of lenses to include those specifically designed for wrap frames.

Zeiss says the Choice Plus Sport design combines advanced customization for the patient’s full prescription with its unique prism compensation method. This combination widens the area of clear vision by as much as 50% over standard lens designs in wrap frames, while dramatically reducing unwanted prism, the company says.


Sun Collection
Ready for summer? So is Moscot. They’ve pumped-up four selections from their Moscot Originals collection to create the Governor, Randall, Ellis and Staten—all infused with rich custom color lenses perfect for summer eyewear.

The company describes the Ellis as chunky and aggressive and the Governor as striking and hefty. As for the Randall and Staten, they are tricked out and full of glamour, respectively.

Exotic woods are the main feature of Rye & Lye’s new collection from Italy. The line features “Cleopatra,” a woman’s frame with a 1950s chunky cat-eye. The company claims the curves of the temples were specifically designed to enhance the natural grain of the exotic wood.

Other eyewear in the collection includes the butterfly-shaped Ermione and the Edgar for men, with lightweight acetate and aluminum elements and wood trim.


Cool Collection
Although best known for high-performance sunglasses and goggles for skaters, surfers and snowboarders, Arnette has now branched out with a frame line that offers a cool-vibe collection for prescription eyeglass wearers.

Most of Arnette Optical’s line features unisex frames like the “Dub,” a statement model that comes in black, striped Havana, black and grey horn, or blue ice. Other styles follow a rock-star theme: Roadie, Auxiliary, Mixer, Lo-Fi, Sync, Fader, and Frontman.