Diagnostic Technology 
Smartphone Fundus Imager
Optometrists looking for a handheld imaging option can now consider Volk optical’s new iNview fundus imaging device. 

Used with dilated patients, the device provides a static 50 degrees field of view, with dynamic peripheral retina views out to 80 degrees, according to the company. The device offers manual capture and a convenient auto-capture feature, which takes a rapid series of images, according to the company.

Data is encrypted with a user-defined password key, ensuring HIPPA compliance, according to the company. The JPEG images can be exported to Mac or PC. A packaged system that comes with an iPod is also available.

Visit www.volk.com/index.php/news.

Tonopachy Imaging Feature 

Optometrists currently using Nidek’s Tonopachy NT-530P can now look forward to new functionality. The device now offers a new anterior chamber angle mode, allowing the practitioner to view and document the anterior chamber angle using Scheimpflug imaging. The visual observation of the anterior chamber angle, along with the intraocular pressure, assists optometrists in their glaucoma assessments.

Visit www.nidek-intl.com.

Ophthalmic Lenses
New Progressive Lens
Optometrists looking to offer their patients a new progressive spectacle lens option can now consider Kodak’s new DSII lens. Using a dual-sided design, the lens offers the highest level of visual performance in the Kodak Lens Professional series, according to the company. The DSII lens is available in 26 materials, and is customized to each patient by incorporating the point-of-wear measurement into the lens design, according to the company.

Visit www.kodaklens.com/pro.

Contact Lenses
Colored Lens Phone App
Optometrists now have a new app to help their patients interested in trying colored contacts. Air Optix Colors app for iOS devices allows users to upload a photo and virtually “try on” up to two colors at once. Patients can test out up to nine colors offered by Alcon’s Air Optix contact lens brand, and add individual makeup items to the photo to create a custom look, according to the company.

Visit www.airoptix.com

Practice Management
Waiting Room Video
A new waiting room video series may help optometrists educate patients and boost lens sales. The six-minute, looped video by Signet Armorlite helps to inform patients about the types of vision correction in eye wear and lens options, while providing an overview of the products offered under the Kodak name, according to the company.

The video details the range of the Kodak Lens Professional Series line of products, including: 

  • Anti-reflective lens coatings.
  • Progressive lenses.
  • Digital single vision lenses.

The video runs on six minute loop, is available online and in DVD format, and includes subtitles.   

Visit www.salitonline.com.