Ophthalmic Lenses
Lens Relieves Eyestrain from Digital Screen
A customizable lens tailored to meet the needs of mobile device users has been introduced by Carl Zeiss Vision as part of a marketing approach designed to raise awareness of the unique visual demands of Millennials.
  Zeiss's Digital Lens, designed with mobile device-toting Millennials in mind.

The company says its new Zeiss Digital Lens combines the wide, clear distance view provided by single-vision lenses with a unique digital-friendly viewing area to help relieve eyestrain caused by regular use of mobile devices.

Typically held closer to the face and presented with lower contrast and resolution than printed materials, digital screens force the eyes to work harder to maintain focus and alignment, eventually fatiguing the ciliary muscles, the company says. A Vision Council survey suggests that digital eyestrain affects roughly 70% of adults in the United States.

The new Zeiss Digital Lens’s digital viewing area is optimally placed to require minimal head and eye movement, and offers wearers a boost of focusing power ranging from +0.5D to +1.25D.

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Contact Lenses
Get Enlightened
A generous landing zone and refined peripheral curves define Alden Optical’s Zenlens, the company’s new mini-scleral design. Poised for expansive fitting, the Zenlens allows for exceptional fitting characteristics and patient comfort, according to Alden.

The new Zenlens from Alden Optical.

Unique to Zenlens is Alden’s Smart Curve, a design element that compensates for discrete parameter adjustments while preserving the remaining optimized parameter values. Diameters of 16mm and 17mm are available.

Alden Optical also recently announced a new partnership with ABB Optical, which will be Alden’s exclusive distribution partner beginning on September 1st.

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Boost Your Business
Looking to boost your contact lens business? Expand your staff training toolbox with ABB Optical Group’s recently updated Annual Supply Tutorial, available for client accounts and office staff.

The tutorial provides 16 minutes of training for doctors and staff with strategies for presenting and closing the sale on annual supplies of soft contact lenses. According to the company, you’ll walk through scenarios on how to handle objections and learn how to make the sale in spite of them.

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A New Look
The nutritional supplement Macula Complete is being reintroduced as Eye & Body Complete, so that both the eye care practitioner and patient alike can better understand the benefits of the supplement, according to Biosyntrx.

Eye & Body Complete is designed to address nutrient deficiencies associated with a host of diseases that affect not just the eye but the entire body. The supplement increases energy and promotes full-body wellness, says the company. The supplement is also designed to offer protection for both the eyes and body from nutritional deficiencies linked to increased risk of age-related degenerative diseases.

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A Modern Classic
A new style has been added to Penn Avenue Eyewear’s Buffalo Horn frame collection. The “David” style puts a modern twist on a classic 1960s eyewear shape, including both metal and horn accents. 

The frame features a buffalo horn design on the brow and temples, and includes metal bridge with adjustable nose pads to ensure a comfortable fit.

Visit www.pennavenueeyewear.com.

Ready for Refraction
Enjoy freedom of movement and full control of the phoropter head and projection chart with Visionix’s VX 55, a new type of refraction product that allows for connectivity among diagnostic devices and easy importation of measurement findings into EMR systems.

The VX 55 from Visionix is well-connected.

With the VX 55, you can digitize your manual phoropter and control the entire refraction process from your tablet, increasing efficiency and performing refractions more quickly and easily.

Visit www.visionix.com.

Lid Hygiene
Keeping Lids Clean
For a novel approach to fighting blepharitis and other problems that might result from the eyelids and lashes, there’s a new ocular hygiene product called i-Lid Cleanser from NovaBay Pharmaceuticals. The product uses a stabilized form of pure hypochlorous acid solution shown to be fast-acting against bacteria, biofilm and toxins, according to the manufacturer.

Hypochlorous acid made by the body’s cells breaks down quickly, but NovaBay says it was able to create a unique formulation in which hypochlorous acid is both stable and free from impurities. NovaBay is about to launch an ambitious new marketing campaign aimed at eye care practitioners to explain the product’s distinct advantages.

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