Devices and Equipment 

New Punctal Plug

The VeraPlug Flexfit by Lacrivera simplifies and improves punctal occlusion for both doctor and patient, the manufacturer says. The plug’s nose is designed to collapse when inserted and, according to the company, the device allows for simple sizing, easy insertion, superior retention and excellent patient comfort. It comes in four sizes—extra small, small, medium and large—in sterile preloaded and non-sterile bulk packaging.


Pediatric Screening Device  

Practitioners now have a new screening device to consider for their pediatric eye exams. With the Plusoptix S16 mobile vision screener, you can obtain reliable measurements for refraction (spherical equivalent), pupil diameter, pupil distance and symmetry of corneal reflexes, according to the company. The S16 is designed for stationary use. In addition to producing hardcopy reports via any networked printer, it can connect to a server for data exchange to an EHR system, Plusoptix says. 


Ultra-Widefield Fundus Imaging

The Clarus 500 from Zeiss offers practitioners a new option for widefield retinal photography. It combines improved color accuracy with high resolution imaging—down to 7µm—within a 133-degree field of view, Zeiss says. High-definition scans are merged into a single 200-degree image, and the system provides annotation and caliper measurement tools. The Clarus 500 also integrates with Zeiss analysis software to review findings alongside other ophthalmic images and exam data.



Patient Management System

For help with patient booking and retention as well as office efficiency, the Prime Nexus software suite from EyeCare Prime allows practices to more easily schedule and confirm appointments, connect with EHR systems, integrate with the practice’s website and conduct personalized email campaigns, the company says.


Myopia Calculator

A new evidence-based tool from the Brien Holden Vision Institute will help clinicians educate patients about managing myopia appropriately. The free, web-based calculator merges individual patient information with different optical and pharmacological treatment options to illustrate the impact on their future level of myopia. Practitioners input patient age and level of refractive error when beginning therapy and select a treatment option. The calculator then demonstrates the effect of the treatment on myopia progression and how it is likely to progress without treatment.



Easy-to-Swallow Minigels 

For patients who may have difficulty swallowing larger pills, Bausch + Lomb now offers a minigel vitamin with concentrated fish oil to help reduce the size of the pills. The Ocuvite Adult 50+ formula minigel daily eye vitamins, which will replace the current Ocuvite Adult 50+ soft gels, are 25% smaller and easier to swallow, according to the company.


Contact Lenses and Lens Care

Monthly Toric Lens 

Optometrists have a new choice to offer their patients with astigmatism who wear monthly lenses. The Acuvue Vita for Astigmatism is a daily wear lens designed for reliable comfort throughout the month, according to Johnson & Johnson Vision. The lens uses a non-coated silicone hydrogel formulation, balanced to help maximize and maintain hydration, according to the company. The design works naturally with the eyelids, helping to keep the lens in the correct position. 


New MPS Package Stickers

Alcon’s packaging of its Opti-Free multipurpose solution now comes with a bold pink sticker to help patients easily identify it on retail shelves, according to Alcon. To differentiate Opti-Free products from generics, the new sticker highlights that the product offers an exclusive formula compared with store brands, according to the company.