Diagnostic Equipment
See, and Share, Images Better
Topcon recently announced several new diagnostic devices, including the following:


• KR-800S. This Auto Kerato/Refractometer boasts auto-refraction and subjective visual acuity testing that could help you comanage patients with poor night vision or who have cataracts, the company says. The glare testing function allows assessment of patients’ visual acuity even in the presence of glare.

• TRC-NW8F Plus. This new camera has multiple functions, including automatic focus and capture. Autoblink and small-pupil features prevent mistakes, Topcon says. The 16.2 megapixel camera produces red-free high-resolution images. 

The device includes a Spaide fundus autofluorescence filter exclusive to Topcon. You can also upgrade the platform to perform fluorescein angiography. The camera works with Topcon’s ImageNet 5 capture system to manage photos.


• Synergy ODM Version 4.0. To simplify image and clinical data transfer across devices, Topcon has revamped its Synergy ophthalmic data management system. Like its predecessor, the latest version manages images and reports from roughly 130 devices (from both Topcon and others), integrates with most electronic medical record systems and comes standards compliant. 

Synergy’s newest functions include line, area and cup-to-disc measurement, automated refractive data importing, statistical analysis reports, multiple image export, enhanced compare mode features and DICOM OPT image support.

Visit www.topconmedical.com.

Transpalpebral Tonometer
The new Diaton tonometer from Escalon Medical measures intraocular pressure through the eyelid without touching the cornea or using topical anesthesia. The pen-like device can assist you with difficult patients such as children or those contraindicated for direct applanation tonometry, such as people with corneal pathologies, edema, infections, past corneal surgery, recent Boston keratoprosthesis implantation or those with past eye trauma, the manufacturer says. Other advantages include:


• Reduced risk of infecting or scratching the cornea

• No requirement to purchase extra replacement tips or covers, etc.

• No sterilization required

• No pachymetry needed to adjust for corneal biometrics

• No daily calibration 

• Handheld and portable design

Visit www.escalonmed.com.

Rotating Hex Island
The Roto-Max Island allows you to stock and sell more eyewear in a smaller space, according to manufacturer Fashion Optical Displays. The rotating display holds 324 pairs in only two sq. ft. of space. The top displays 72 frames and the taboret base stores the rest.

You can customize the island with a variety of hardwoods or laminates based on the style of your dispensary, the company says.

Visit www.fashionoptical.com

Quick-dissolving Vitamin Strips for Macular Health

Patients may be more compliant with taking their vitamins if they dissolve quickly on the tongue. MacuStrips (Macular Health), the first dissolving vitamin strip nutraceutical for macular health, contain the same vitamins found in pills that retard the progression of age-related macular degeneration, says the manufacturer. For aging patients, the mint-flavored dissolvable strips could be easier than swallowing big pills and may reduce the gastric complaints they cause. The strips also deliver an exact dosage of medication, minimizing the chances of incorrect patient self-dosing, the manufacturer says.

A one-month supply costs less than $1 a day and is available now in the US and internationally.

Visit www.macularhealth.com.