Practice Management
New EHR Software 
Optometrists can now choose from two new software offerings from ManagementPlus: Cloud and Revenue Cycle Management. ManagementPlus Cloud backs up your EHR system to secure, remote servers, minimizing IT costs and protecting patient data, the company says. It is also designed to centralize EHR and other applications, to make them easier to manage. 

According to the company, Revenue Cycle Management simplifies the revenue stream with claims reporting and analysis, collection on past-due balances, and patient eligibility verification. 


Dry Eye Treatment
New MGD Treatment Pricing  
TearScience has announced a 50% price cut for single-use activators used in its Lipiflow device. LipiFlow applies heat to the inner eyelid and pressure to the outer eyelid during an in-office procedure, and has been shown safe and effective for the treatment of MGD, according to the company.


Diagnostic Technology
Dry Eye Report 
Optometrists now have a new way to show patients how dry eye is affecting their eyes. The Jenvis Dry Eye Report, unique to the Oculus Keratograph, supports dry eye diagnosis, Oculus says. The Dry Eye Report summarizes all the data from a dry eye questionnaire, slit-lamp measurement of lid parallel conjunctival folds, meibography and measurements performed with the Oculus Keratograph 5M. The report gives patient-specific recommendations and explains abbreviations and technical terms to improve patient engagement, according to Oculus.


Electroretinography and VEP Vision Testing System
To help optometrists with early detection and patient management, Diopsys now offers the Argos electroretinography and VEP vision testing system as a tabletop version of its office-based visual electrophysiology. 

The system features the new full-field electroretinography (ffERG) testing protocols, which use a handheld mini-Ganzfeld dome to stimulate retinal cells. The results indicate a patient’s level of functional loss, allowing optometrists to better manage the patient and their potential for IOL procedures, according to the company. 


IS-5500 Instrument Stand

Practioners looking for a new instrument stand can now consider Topcon’s IS-5500, which combines new functions—like its EZ-Lock braking mechanism—with traditional Topcon quality and durability. 

The IS-5500 features:

  • White LED overhead lamp. 
  • More compact design.  
  • Illuminated liquid-proof membrane control panel for full control of the stand, chair and room light functions.


Contact Lenses
Monthly Silicone Hydrogels for Presbyopia 
Bausch + Lomb says it will offer a multifocal option in its Ultra contact lens line in 2016.

The monthly replacement lens will combine the Ultra lens’ high wettability with three-zone progressive design found in Bausch + Lomb’s daily disposable multifocals. 

The lens uses polyvinylpyrrolidone, allowing it the highest Dk/t (163) and lowest modulus (70) compared to the leading silicone hydrogel lens, Bausch + Lomb says. The lens also has aspheric optics for exceptional vision even in low light conditions, according to the company.Visit