Cornea sclera profile measurement with the Pentacam (Oculus).
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If you have the Pentacam from Oculus, or are thinking of getting it, note that the device can now help with scleral contact lens fitting. For an additional fee, you can add a new measurement called the cornea sclera profile (CSP), which measures sagittal height using 250 Scheimpflug images covering a diameter of up to 18mm. All images are taken from the same visual axis without the need for eye movement, Oculus says. And all the usual Pentacam data are recorded as well and populated into the displays already familiar to Pentacam users.

As the CSP scan is measured independent of the tear film, its values are as reproducible as all other data measured with the Pentacam, Oculus says. A link to external fitting software for scleral lenses is also available. 

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