Doctors often complain that EHR systems add unnecessary steps to their exam workflow. Now, software from Compulink might do just the opposite. According to the company, the new suite of features called Advantage Smart Practice uses AI technology and real-time data from the clinic to automate tasks such as billing, while also eliminating steps to improve patient flow. Compulink says the system’s chief benefits include these capabilities:

• Advantage knows which patients are being seen based on their room assignment and automatically displays their record when needed. The system also lets doctors and staff know who is waiting and where they need to go next.

• Staff can schedule tasks related to insurance eligibility, claims submission and remittance posting to run unattended. Advantage also automatically populates a claim edit worklist to quickly identify and correct issues.

• Advantage automatically communicates personalized content directly to the patient’s mobile device. This includes information about products and services specific to each individual patient as they arrive at the office and move through the normal patient workflow.

Offices that adopt Advantage Smart Practice could see overall patient flow increase by 15% and time devoted to claims filing decrease by up to 90%, a company press release concludes.

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