To get a better sense of your patient’s refractive status, wavefront aberrometry allows objective measurement of higher-order aberrations that go undeteced by traditional vision testing. A new device from Essilor Instruments called Wave Analyzer Medica (WAM) 700+ can put aberrometry assessment in your exam lane—and it comes with an array of other useful features, too.

The WAM700+ also performs pachymetry, pupillometry, tonometry, topography, retroillumination, autorefraction and keratometry. Its intraocular pressure measurements are corrected for corneal thickness, and the topography scan measures 100,000 points on the cornea, the manufacturer says. A vision simulation feature allows you to show patients their nighttime vision status and any possible myopic shift in low-light environments.

When used in conjunction with other exam findings, the WAM700+ can help you diagnose conditions like cataract, glaucoma and keratoconus earlier, and can aid in specialty lens fitting, Essilor Instruments says.

Demo units will be on the show floor at Vision Expo West in late September. Visit for more information.