March 15, 2016


Essential Procedures

Scoring an A+ on a B-Scan

Master the art of ultrasound imaging.

Diagnostic Skills & Techniques

OCT’s Role in an Optometric Practice

Knowing what you can—and can’t—do with this imaging technology helps you provide the best care to patients with common ocular conditions.

Pupil Testing: Implications for Diagnosis

Diagnosing and managing many retinal and neurological conditions begins with the pupil. These testing techniques and tips will ensure you catch commonly encountered pupil disorders right away.

The How and Why of Diagnosing Dry Eye

The differential etiology of dry eye disease confounds diagnosis. Here are a dozen clinical tools essential for identifying its hallmarks and healing your patients.

Optometric Study Center

Automated Perimetry: Visual Field Deficits in Glaucoma and Beyond

Evaluating the visual pathway can be integral to diagnosing and managing numerous conditions.

Vision Expo

Vision Expo East 2016: Enrich Your Knowledge Base

The New York meeting is known for its world-class education as well as its exhibits.



Become an Optometry Master

It’s time to perfect the art of saying the same old thing, but making everyone think we know what we are talking about.

Clinical Quandaries

Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out

Should you abandon the standard post-cataract regimen of topical drops? Injections eliminate many problems, but there are a few limitations.

Coding Connection

Is Technology Replacing Us?

Diagnostic tools are changing patient care—but they come with significant practice management dos and don’ts.

Cornea and Contact Lens Q & A

Scraping By

Let’s consider when corneal debridement is a good option.

Diagnostic Quiz

Not Quite “In The Pink” Yet

A patient's eyes became red following a cold two weeks ago. What is the diagnosis?

Letters to the Editor

Optometry in Skilled Care Facilities

Readers share their thoughts on recent articles and columns.

Neuro Clinic

Heal the Burn

If you note proptosis, resistance to retropulsion and periobital burning, be on alert for compressive lesions like mucoceles.

News Review

News Review

Statins for AMD | Improving Glaucoma Surgery | Highway Signs Revisited

Ocular Surface Review

The Diagnosis Doesn’t Add Up

When signs and symptoms of dry eye disease don’t correlate, clinicians must use everything in their toolboxes to determine the correct management strategy.


The Big Picture

Relations between ophthalmology and optometry have thawed. Even in frigid Massachusetts.

Product Review

Product Review

A look at some of the latest product offerings in eye care.

Retina Quiz

Dystrophy Mystery

When testing rules out your suspected diagnosis, it’s time to re-evaluate the clues.

Review of Systems

East Meets West: Herbal Supplements in Health Care

The use of herbal supplements for health and wellness is rapidly increasing worldwide. What does this mean for eye care?

Therapeutic Review

Stye vs. Stye

Tips on managing both external and internal hordeola.