May 15, 2016


Essential Procedures

Breaking Down Barriers: Iridotomy in Optometric Practice

Progressive states allow it, and others are likely to follow. Here’s how it’s done.

Annual Dry Eye Report

A Better Meibomian Gland Work-up: See What You’ve Been Missing

Develop a protocol for assessing the lids and related structures.

Improve Your Understanding of Meibomian Gland Function ­—and Dysfunction

To fully appreciate the underpinnings of dry eye, it is important to take a step back and consider both the structure and function of the meibomian glands.

Tools of the Trade: Current Techniques to Treat Meibomian Gland Dysfunction

With new techniques and technologies emerging, optometrists have more ways than ever to combat this pervasive problem.

Case Report

Conditions in Context: Ventilator-induced Proptosis

Not all cases of ‘the bulge’ result from of autoimmune disease, trauma or tumor. Sometimes ocular conditions arise in the context of emergent circumstances.


Doctor, My Eyes… Are Tired!

With ubiquitous tech comes asthenopia, but your patients may not be reporting it. To keep patients safe in this digital world, gain greater clarity in defining and discussing eyestrain.

Optometric Study Center

A Stepwise Approach to Evaluating Diplopia and Other Ocular Motility Abnormalities

An optometrist can carefully whittle down the root of patients’ ocular misalignments by taking a following a specific order of operations.


Spectacle Dispensing: How Do You Solve These Tough Refraction Challenges?

Patients who wear rigid gas permeables, are diagnosed with diabetes or are in need of prism can be some of the most difficult to fit with spectacles. These tips can help you succeed with hard-to-refract cases.




How to win patients and influence people.

Clinical Quandaries

Uveitis: Go Big or Go Home

Don’t be afraid to knock it out from the get-go—or it may get back up to fight another round.

Cornea and Contact Lens Q & A

Sweeping Away the Doubt

An expert sheds light on the potential role of swept-source OCT technology in corneal imaging.

Diagnostic Quiz

Letters to the Editor

Neuro Clinic

Seeking Sarcoidosis

Neuro-ophthalmic exam yields manifestations of systemic granulomatous disease.

News Review

News Review

FDA Approval for CXL | Controversy in Alaska | Remembering Larry Alexander | Vision Expo East

Ocular Surface Review

Mind Games

How optometrists can help dry eye patients who experience symptoms without signs.


The Walking DED

Millions of people have dry eye disease, and countless more are fated to get it. Are you ready?

Product Review

Product Review

Ophthalmic Lenses | Practice Management | Diagnostic Technology | Post-Op Ocular Pain Drug

Retina Quiz

A Ghostly Diagnosis

A young patient is haunted by a poor choice, but is it related to her visual symptoms?

Review of Systems

Smoke (or Vapor) Gets in Your Eyes: Part One

We all know the ocular and systemic harms of cigarettes, but what about cigars, pipes, e-cigarettes and other tobacco delivery methods?

Therapeutic Review

Lifting the Curtain on Lifitegrast

An update on the status of this potential new dry eye therapy.