September 15, 2016


Annual Technology Report

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love EHR

Tech wizards discuss their biggest hurdles and how you can clear them when it’s your turn.

Out With the Old, In With the New

The 2016 technology survey reveals what your colleagues are buying—and how it’s changing their practices.

Pearls on Proper Use of Retinal Imaging

Optometrists have a variety of options for discovering and tracking posterior segment pathologies. Here’s a guide for when to use which ones.

The Best Tech for Tracking Glaucoma Progression

OCT is the new gold standard for diagnosing and monitoring glaucoma. Here’s how to use it in clinical practice.


Dissecting DME

A clinician’s role in diagnosing and managing diabetic macular edema.

Ocular Cancer

Is That Conjunctival Lesion Cancerous?

Easily mistaken for a benign pinguecula or pterygium, conjunctival intraepithelial neoplasm is far more ominous. You can avoid invasive procedures and still ensure effective treatment.

Optometric Study Center

Top 100 Drugs: Which Are Your Patients Taking?

The eye doesn't exist in a vacuum. Knowing the most commonly used medications by indication can help you provide the best possible care.



Gotta Do the Math

Patients trust my math to correct their vision, and I don’t even know if I passed any math classes. This proves I’m good for something, at least.

Clinical Quandaries

Keepin’ it Real

Intraoperative abberometry gives surgeons vital data in real time—while the patient is on the operating table—increasing accuracy.

Coding Connection

Coding in a Tech Savvy World

Technology can be a blessing, but understand you aren’t the only one using it.

Diagnostic Quiz

An Eye for Flare

A patient has pain, redness and photophobia in both of her eyes, but the discomfort in the left eye is unbearable.

Neuro Clinic

The Infection Connection

When herpes zoster causes 3rd nerve palsy, patients and practitioners suddenly have to deal with multiple issues.

News Review

News Review

LASIK | Online Contact Lens Sales | IOP Monitoring | Pediatric Trauma


Hard Times for Soft Lenses

Two reports document challenges to long-term success and reinforce the importance of good education.

Product Review

Product Review

Ophthalmic Instruments | Lenses and Finishing | Ocular Nutrition | Contact Lenses

Retina Quiz

Is His Prognosis… Favre-able?

The last three months for this teenager were a blur. Well, for his vision anyway.

Review of Systems

A Global Scourge

Mosquitoes are one of the deadliest animals in the world because of their ability to carry and spread disease.

Therapeutic Review

The Over/Under of Glaucoma

Correctly diagnosing this disease can be a challenge.