November 15, 2016


Optometric Study Center

Identifying Systemic Sources of Uveitis

Nearly half of all uveitis cases are caused by systemic disease. Learn the root causes and improve—sometimes save—the lives of your patients.

Practice Management

All In On Dry Eye

How one practice turned its focus to patients with MGD and built a successful dry eye center.

Build a Specialty Contact Lens Clinic From the Ground Up

Now is the time to invest in this ever-growing area of expertise—your patients and your practice will thank you.

Expand Your Toolbox: Integrate Low Vision Into Your Practice

Increase patient satisfaction—and your practice’s bottom line—by serving this growing patient population.

Four Steps to Incorporating Diabetes Care

You don’t need to be an expert to make treating and managing this significant systemic condition a priority in your practice.

Initiating a Successful Glaucoma Practice

Glaucoma is on the rise, and now is the time to embrace these patients in your practice.

Working With the Kids Is Alright

A day in the life of a pediatric optometrist.


An Atlas of Conjunctival and Scleral Anomalies

Become familiar with the common clinical presentations of these anterior segment ailments.



Oh, How I Wish

You can’t always get what you want, but maybe one day you will meet a genie in a bottle. Be prepared with your list of demands.

Clinical Quandaries

Spotting the Risk: From RP to RD

When a post-op cataract patient experiences retinal detachment, is there a chance it was due to retinitis pigmentosa?

Coding Connection

Don’t Overlook The Obvious

Providing the best care to your patients is also a huge practice builder.

Diagnostic Quiz

More Than Just Foggy Glasses

Blurred vision and no known previous ocular or systemic history—a tough case.

Neuro Clinic

More Than Meets the Eye

When a patient’s third nerve palsy resolves, the findings on follow up reveal panuveitis secondary to systemic disease.

News Review

News Review

Retinal Changes | Corneal Scarring | Politics in Practice | Cat-scratch Disease

Ocular Surface Review

When the Pain Won’t Go Away

Early diagnosis is key to helping patients overcome ocular neuropathic pain associated with dry eye disease.


Double Vision

Can patients see you as both a generalist and a specialist? With a little finesse, it can be done.

Product Review

Product Review

Diagnostic Technology: Orbscan 3 | Microperimeter | Corneal Shape Analyzer

Retina Quiz

Orange and Green at UM

Can this patient’s medical history help explain his fading vision?

Review of Systems

The Challenge of Vector-borne Disease

Many epidemiologists believe the emergence and spread of Zika and other arboviruses was inevitable. Optometrists must now care for those affected.

Therapeutic Review

The Other Other Viral Infection

Just because a condition is a “zebra” doesn’t mean you’ll never see it.