Prospective and current contact lens wearers can now “talk” with a virtual assistant named Andy, created by Johnson & Johnson Vision (JJV), the company announced today. Through the use of artificial intelligence, Andy can answer questions submitted by contact lens patients and those considering the modality. The discussions mix promotion for Acuvue lenses with unbranded advice on how to develop healthy contact lens habits.

To access the chatbot, users must connect with Acuvue on Facebook’s Messenger App. There, they can send in questions and Andy will be available any time to answer them. JJV says Andy’s database of information and advice comes from eye care professionals—and as users interact with him, he becomes more intuitive.

The company says it created Andy to supplement the support provided by eye care professionals and address research that shows challenges with inserting, removing or caring for contact lenses can be roadblocks for new or prospective wearers.

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