Lens Technology

HLM-1 Huvitz Lensmaster
Practitioners can now upgrade to Coburn’s new HLM-1 Lensmaster, which comes with the same wavefront analysis as in older models but with more measurement points, according to Coburn. Other features include multifocal measurement, with on-screen prompts; enhanced camera performance; high processing speed and frames per second; and newly designed nose cone and lens support for measuring smaller frame styles.

Visit www.coburntechnologies.com.

FastGrind Photochromic FT28 Lens
Patients can look forward to a new photochromic lens from FastGrind. The FT28 lens quickly changes opacity while blocking harmful UV rays. You can produce lenses in-office for immediate dispensing, FastGrind says.

Visit www.superoptical.com/fast-grind.

New Edging System
Essilor’s Pro-E 600 gives high-volume labs something to look forward to. The company says it’s designed with faster processes and suited for specialty edging and mountings—from bevel and mini-bevel, to asymmetric and step bevel, groove, mix, drill, chamfer and polish. The edging system is roughly 50% faster than other tabletop edgers, quickly integrates, is intuitive (no vacuum or compressed air) and interfaces effortlessly with laboratory management software, according to Essilor.

Visit www.essilorinstrumentsusa.com.

Diagnostic Technology

Topcon SL-D301 Slit Lamp
Optometrists in need of a new slit lamp can consider Topcon’s SL-D301, which comes with a Galilean-type observation system and 10x, 16x and 25x magnifications. Topcon says it can be easily upgraded to full digital with an optional camera attachment, and can be used with R-900 and 870 model applanation tonometers.

Visit www.topcon.com.

Icare Home Tonometer
This device lets patients self-monitor IOP and gives their doctors access to the data to better track diurnal fluctuations, according to Icare. The unit is easy to use, performs automatic OD/OS recognition and uses red and green signals to help correctly position the tonometer, the company says. An automated measuring sequence can take a single measurement or a series of six.

Visit www.icare-usa.com.