In general, contact lens compliance is historically low.1,2 However, according to a newly published study, some wearers are more compliant than others. For instance, the researchers found that daily replacement wearers were most likely to be compliant when it comes to replacement.3

The study looked into the lens wear habits of 297 patients. It gathered information via a survey taken by soft contact lens wearers about contact lens replacement, overnight lens wear and case replacement. They found that approximately 24% of subjects were noncompliant with overnight wear. 

Most patients studied were prescribed two-week replacement lenses (45.5%), followed by monthly (34.3%) and daily replacement (20.2%). The research found that noncompliance with these replacement schedules was 38.7%. Of the subjects who used contact lens cases, a whopping 74.6% were unsure when they should replace their case; however, this case confusion did not predict other compliance issues. Noncompliant lens replacement, on the other hand, was associated with overnight wear non-compliance.3

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