April 15, 2004


Annual Contact Lens Report

What’s Driving The Dropouts?

These statistics illustrate why patients discontinue contact lens wear and what you can do about it.

A Four Step Approach to Preventing Dropouts

How following a S.O.A.P. exam format can help you diagnose and correct contact lens problems before patients give up wear.

Case Report

Lesion Masquerades As AMD Finding

Suspected choroidal neovascular membrane was really adult-onset foveomacular dystrophy.

Ophthalmic Lenses

How to Win the Non-Compliance War

The top seven reasons our patients don’t comply with their medications, and how we can help them.

Patient Care

Change Your Perception of Pediatric Practice

Here’s how one optometrist found treating children more rewarding that he imagined.

Readers Choice

Optometric Humanitarians

Some of these doctors—each nominated by our readers—volunteer in faraway lands, others in their hometowns.



Infectious Disease? Party On! Excellent!

SECO: A great opportunity to see the latest in eye care —and see celebrities.

Clinical Quandaries

Cataracts After Refractive Surgery

A new set of complications present as baby boomers near the age of cataracts.

Cornea and Contact Lens Q & A

Pause the Pain Of Pemphigoid

How a scleral lens can offer symptomatic relief and improved vision.

Diagnostic Quiz

Meetings and Conferences

Upcoming Events, April 2004

Meetings and Conferences


How Do You Define A Successful O.D.?

Don’t undervalue the basics. Success is as much about staying alive as it is about forging ahead.

Product Review

Retina Quiz

Answers, Retina Quiz, April 15th, 2004

Is Only Seeing Eye Now Threatened?

Is Only Seeing Eye Now Threatened?

This diabetic patient already lost vision in one eye and now has a lesion in the other.

Therapeutic Review

New Drug Class Battles Resistance

How oxazolidinones may help kill drug-resistant organisms.