November 15, 2004


Contact Lenses

The Steep End: Contact Lenses Fit for Keratoconus Patients

Most of these patients can be managed without surgery.



How the eye is used in forensic medicine, and how you can help detect and prevent crimes.

How to Set and Maintain Target IOPS

A compendium of factors to consider when treating glaucoma and hypertensive patients.

Make Your Specialty Your Success

Learn from the optometric specialty marketing techniques your colleagues have used to make their practices thrive.


How to Put Genetics Into Your Practice Now

Here are 8 ways to incorporate the “new genetic” thinking into your diagnosis and management.

Practice Management

The Quest To Invest

When equipment is good for your patients and good for your practice, buy it.



How Do You Save a Drowning Lawyer?

You take your foot off his head ... Just kidding. Go ahead and let him drown.

Clinical Quandaries

Skip the Steroid For This Uveitis

The best treatment for this Fuchs’ patient may be no treatment.

Cornea and Contact Lens Q & A

An Addition to the Culture Club

Swabs can be cheaper and definitive when culturing corneal ulcers.

Glaucoma Grand Rounds

High CCT Prompts Questionable TX

A patient seeks a second opinion when new data provoke a radical change in therapy.

Letters to the Editor

Meetings and Conferences

News Review


I Think I've Seen It All

Sometimes being different is weird. Other times, setting yourself apart makes good clinical and business sense.

Product Review

Therapeutic Review