January 15, 2016


Essential Procedures

Get Laser Focused on the Appropriate Glaucoma Treatment

SLT—once the exclusive domain of ophthalmology—is becoming a first-line treatment as states allow optometrists to perform it.

Optometric Study Center

Principles of Ocular Pain Control

Identify the cause of your patients’ achy eyes and get familiar with meds that provide relief.


Managing the Medicine Cabinet

The most common prescription medications pose risks to your patients’ ocular health. Spot them on the chart so you can be prepared to rein in their possible side effects.

Pregnancy Precautions: How to Prescribe Safely For New and Expectant Mothers

While patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding make challenging cases for many optometrists, new guidelines may make things easier.

The Mind's Eye: Ocular Complications of Psychotropic Medications

Most optometrists will see patients who take psychoactive drugs. Know the potential ocular side effects and how to manage these patients.


Sharpen your Subjective Refraction Technique

Minimize chair time, avoid frustration and help patients see better with this standardized protocol.



Watch Your Mouth!

Eventually, a patient will call you out on your B.S.—trust me, I know. But every once in a while, B.S. is worth its weight in gold.

Clinical Quandaries

Referral Notes: Red Herring?

Assumptions and failure to dilate can lead to missed diagnoses. Start from scratch and catch what the specialist missed.

Coding Connection

Eyes Wide Shut

Changes are happening all around you—are you embracing them or burying your head in the sand?

Cornea and Contact Lens Q & A

Which Lens for KCN?

Despite their recent resurgence, scleral lenses may not always be the best choice. The tried-and-true corneal GP might be better.

Diagnostic Quiz

Many Suspects in Vision Loss

Additional testing can help uncover this patient's progressively worsening vision.

Neuro Clinic

Ring The Alarm Bell’s

Incomplete eyelid closure secondary to left facial nerve paralysis reveals squamous cell carcinoma of the mandible.

News Review

Heart Drug With AMD Connection

A medication that assists in heart conditions has the potential to increase the risk of AMD and Alzheimer’s disease.

In the News

Here is a snapshot of what's happening in the profession.

New OD School Debut Sparks Debate

Though it may serve a regional need, some ODs have concerns over its national impact.

New Technology for Dry Eye Treatment

An implantable device that stimulates tear production could offer hope for those suffering from DED.

Physicians Skipping Funduscopy

Patients are receiving funduscopic evaluations at insufficient rates from physicians.

Ocular Surface Review

The Dry Eye Deluge

Last year saw an explosion of advancements in the world of ocular surface disease—and we are finding more every day.


Looking Back, and Ahead

This year, we celebrate our 125th anniversary—and the stunning rise of optometry.

Product Review

Product Review

A look at some of the latest product offerings in eye care.

Retina Quiz

The Spotted-White Retina

A patient presented with irritation, but a close examination revealed much more.

Review of Systems

See You at the (Neuromuscular) Junction: Part 2

What should you do when you suspect an autoimmune disease with ophthalmic complications such as myasthenia gravis?

Therapeutic Review

The Uveitis and HLA-B27 Connection

Some uveitis patients need additional monitoring.