June 15, 2016


Essential Procedures

Plug the Drain with Lacrimal Occlusion

Keep dry eye patients flowing into your office with this time-honored technique.

Diagnostic Skills & Techniques

The Dilation Dilemma

Advances in imaging have allowed for greater patient convenience and satisfaction. But are they a substitute for the tried-and-true practice of dilation?

Optometric Study Center

Can You Identify These Vitreous Anomalies?

The vitreous is critical to ocular diseases and their prognoses. Learn the techniques to make examination a breeze, and better identify and manage common aberrations.


Diabetic Retinopathy by the Numbers

A guide to following and educating patients who face this sight-threatening diagnosis.

Food for Thought: Diet, Genetics and AMD

Is genetic testing prior to AMD supplementation indicated by AREDS data? A nutritionist OD takes a detailed look at this long-running debate

Managing Patients With Hypertensive Crisis

Uncontrolled blood pressure can cause visual disturbances as well as headaches. Here’s how to recognize the signs.

Systemic Health

Claim Victory over Viral Conjunctivitis

Adenovirus and herpes virus are highly contagious pathogens, but you can put a stop to them if you diagnose them quickly and manage them appropriately.



Supplemental Information

Of course you should Rx ‘neutraceuticals.’ Just pray to St. John that his Wort works.

Clinical Quandaries

I’d Like to Place an Order

Optometrists have the right, and often the duty, to order labs and imaging. Do so with confidence.

Coding Connection

The Retinal Examination

Seven commandments of coding for the posterior segment.

Cornea and Contact Lens Q & A

Multifocal IOL in a Fuchs’ Patient?

Are these devices suited for patients with compromised endothelial function? Experts weigh in.

Diagnostic Quiz

When the Good Eye Goes Bad

A 38-year-old black male reported to the office with a chief complaint of blurred vision of a year’s duration.

Focus on Refraction

Refraction, in Retrospect

A review of old data reveals the conditional nature of prescribing.

Glaucoma Grand Rounds

To Solve a Puzzle, Use Every Piece

A patient with a dense asteroid hyalosis was confused about her medication schedule.

News Review

News Review

Blindness on the Rise | Diabetic Retinopathy | Exercise, Caffeine, and the Eyes | Zika and the Retina

Visual Loss, Blindness to Double by 2050

But the numbers will be lower if Americans get more eye exams and refractions.


Defeating Diabetes

Over 100 million Americans are either at risk or actively in need of care. What can you do? In a word, more.

Product Review

Product Review

Opthalmic Lenses | Diagnostic Technology | Contact Lenses | Surgery

Retina Quiz

Well, Folks, That’s a RAP

Just because a patient reports no symptoms, that doesn’t mean they have no problems.

Surgical Minute

If At First You Don’t Succeed…

New retinal surgical techniques are breaking boundaries in the fight for vision.

Therapeutic Review

Those Pesky Flies

What are your options for managing ubiquitous vitreous floaters?

Urgent Care

Angle Closure: A Bad Connection

When a patient’s iris and lens connect, trouble emerges.