Open-angle Glaucoma Degrades Vision Faster Than Angle-Closure

A study shows the rate of field loss for each condition.

Glaucoma and Depression Can Go Hand In Hand

Risk factors include low income and living alone.

Sonographic Study Supports Optic Cup Evaluation

When media opacity or economic conditions preclude traditional methods, this can be a good alternative.

Arabic Eyes With PACG Have Thinnest CCT

Study sheds light on the importance of acknowledging ethnicity when managing glaucoma.

How Your Pillow Impacts Glaucoma

Where you lay your head may not be best for your eyes.

Cyclodestructive Laser Procedure: High Risk, High Reward

A small study found it reduced IOP by almost 50%—but is associated with vision loss in a third of patients.

Effect of Caffeine on IOP Depends on Daily Consumption

The higher the intake, the higher the pressure.

Small-particle Air Pollution May Affect IOP Increase

Monitoring carbon exposure and physiological oxidative stress may prevent glaucoma development and progression.

More Evidence of Ocular Perfusion Pressure’s Link to POAG

A new 10,000-patient study documents the connection.

New Mexico Team Moves in on Glaucoma Staging System

Researchers discover a way to estimate vision-related quality of life, which tends to correlate with disease severity.

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