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Burning Questions

This 54-year-old man—an industrial worker—experienced an alkali burn while lowering a stainless steel die coated in aluminum particles into a tank containing sodium hydroxide. Though he was wearing safety glasses at the time, some of the liquid splashed into his right eye.
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Hold ’em or Fold ’em?

Diagnosis and management of diabetic macular edema (DME) have evolved over the last decade. These advances have given retina specialists and comanaging optometrists more options for management of DME—but also more room for doubt and debate regarding whether, when and how to intervene.
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Letters to the Editor

The February 2018 cover story, “How the Diploma Deluge is Reshaping Optometry,” presented comments from educators and data from the Association of Schools and Colleges in Optometry (ASCO) to look at the impact of optometry’s expanded educational footprint. The feature generated criticism, praise and suggestions, some of which is addressed in the following letters and our reply.
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Just Say Yes to (Some) Drugs

Optometrists manage more anterior segment disease than anyone, and it’s critical that we have the pharma knowledge to treat these patients appropriately. This month’s annual pharmaceutical issue provides detailed advice to elevate your practice so you can give patients much-needed relieve and recovery. I’d like to preface this article series with a few thoughts from my perspective as both a clinician and an educator.
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Know Your Systemic Meds: The Top 10 to Track

While systemic medications are often necessary for the patient’s long-term health, ocular side effects, as minor as dry eye and as serious as macular toxicity, can challenge the treatment process, often leading to modification or even discontinuation of the medication.

Optometrists must be prepared to manage and comanage patients who present with concurrent medication use and ocular concerns. Here, we discuss some of the commonly prescribed systemic medications with serious ocular side effects, and what to look out for.
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April 15, 2018


Know Your Systemic Meds: The Top 10 to Track

Here’s what you need to know about the ocular effects of the heavy-hitters.

One Size Won’t Fit All: Treating Ocular Infection

Knowing which antibiotic to choose and how to use it are critical when treating and beating ocular infection.

Proceed With Caution: Low Vision and Driving

Here’s how you can navigate the complex interplay between DMV standards and the needs of your patients who are visually impaired.

Protocols and Pitfalls in Topical Steroid Use

It’s always a balancing act between benefit and side effects. Here’s how to keep patients safe while treating with steroids.

Sizing Up Anti-inflammatories in Dry Eye Disease

A practical guide for optometrists applying these medications.


A Significant Proposal

Want better clinical outomes? Demand better study design, experts say.

Fresnel Prism to the Rescue

Finding the perfect prism can take time and patience, but once it fits, it sticks.

Hold ’em or Fold ’em?

Better treatment options for DME give us more flexibility, but also more responsibility. We need to use anti-VEGF prudently—if at all.

Just Say Yes to (Some) Drugs

Don’t shy away from prescribing the right medications when your patients need them.

Letters to the Editor

Here, we reply to some of the criticism, praise and suggestions generated by one of our recent features.

No Sneaking Around this Code

Modifier -59 should be a last resort. Here’s how to use it wisely.

Something in the Way

What’s behind our patient’s transient episodes of dimming vision?

Take Your Lumps

The searching for a solution that works for hordeolum, every time, continues.

Taking the Floor on Fractures

When a mishap puts an orbital floor fracture in your chair, know how to look past the gore and devise a plan.

The Devil is in the Details

When a glaucoma suspect progresses, it’s time to transition from monitoring to treating. But what happens when devices differ?

The Extinction of the Ink Pen

…and other things. What’s in your pile of office junk you never use anymore?

The MIGS Just Keep on Coming

Two new devices expand the treatment portfolio and target novel pathways.

Trouble with Thygeson’s

Management for these cases can be quick if done right. However, an exact cause for the disease is still elusive.


Practice Pearls

Expert clinician Paul Karpecki, OD, provides practical insights and management strategies for a wide array of ocular conditions.

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A quick read of the best pearls from the current issue of Review of Cornea & Contact Lenses, with links to full articles.

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Keep up to date on the latest research and clinical findings in retinal disease care with this quarterly publication from the ORS.

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A weekly e-journal edited by Art Epstein, OD, featuring incisive commentary, timely research summaries and late-breaking news.

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