Systemic Disease

A Roundabout Way to Manage IOP?

Elevated measurements also show up in systemic diseases amenable to treatment.

New VKH Diagnostic Tool in the Pipeline

A proposed new set of diagnostic criteria for this rare form of uveitis may be better than the standard used since 2001.

Herpes Vaccine Presents No Further Ocular Risks

Elevated rates of anterior segment complications weren’t found in vaccinated patients.

Herpes Zoster Vaccine Sidelined in Primary Care

Survey: internists consider the vaccination a lesser clinical priority.

OSA Increases Risk of Optic Neuropathy

CPAP treatment fails to reduce likelihood of this condition.

ERG Helps Identify Signs of Schizophrenia

Retinal anomalies can now be more routinely tested for using a portable device.

Artificial Light at Night: Not a Doctor’s Delight

Breast and prostate cancer risks go up when excess blue light interrupts sleep, study says.

In Wet AMD Outcomes, Second Eyes Usually Fare Better

A new study bolsters the importance of regular monitoring.

HSK Frequently Missed Following Cataract Surgery

The corneal incision may trigger this oft-ignored complication.

Systemic Disease Rising to the Surface

Keep an eye out for findings that might implicate these conditions during your anterior segment examination.

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September 21-22, 2018

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November 2-4, 2018

New Technologies & Treatments in Eye Care Arlington
 The Westin Arlington Gateway
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November 30-December 1, 2018

The Optometric Retina Society and Review Group Vision Care Education Present: Retina Update 2018
Location: Fairmont Scottsdale, Scottsdale, AZ
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