Letters to the Editor

Here, we reply to some of the criticism, praise and suggestions generated by one of our recent features.

Tropicamide May Substitute for Cyclopentolate

However, researchers advice caution when using it in young patients.

Astigmatism Linked to Cognitive and Language Deficits

To kids, it's not just an annoyance—it's an impediment to learning.

Good Vision, Mental Sharpness in Seniors Go Hand-in-Hand

Maintaining optimal vision may prevent cognitive decline.

Non-cycloplegic Refractions Increase Risk for Misdiagnosis

Clinicians may overestimate myopia by more than 12% without it.

How to Spot Vision Exam “Cheaters”

Those who misrepresented answers had greater variability in responses.

Another Study Touts Improved Depth Perception from Video Games

Stereoacuity remained stable after six months.

MRI Reveals Post-Therapy Convergence Insufficiency Success

This imaging modality shows changes in brain activation following treatment.

Topography-guided LASIK Somewhat More Precise than SMILE

Both are safe and effective in refractive error correction but some high-end results favored topo-LASIK.

Progressive Add Lenses Helpful for Pre-presbyopes

These lenses can improve working distance and induce positive refractive shift, research shows.

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