May 15, 2004


ARVO Report


Each year, we learn more about the value of corneal thickness measurements and diagnostic technology.


New studies discuss bacterial resistance, dry eye etiology and treatments, and more.

Report from ARVO

From the research lab to your exam room.

Cataract and Refractive

Researchers find new ways to capitalize on wavefront and present alternatives to penetrating keratoplasty.


Photodynamic therapy for CNV and intravitreal steroids remain major areas of research interest.


A Dozen Ways to Present Premium Lenses and Add Ons

Techniques your opticians use to please and retain patients.

Ethics in Optometry

Test Yourself on These Ethical Challenges

What would you do if faced with these four thorny ethical dilemmas?



Thirty-One Flavors Of Optometrists

Rumor has it that O.D.s will adopt new levels of licensure. Sounds O.D.D.!

Clinical Quandaries

Does Optic Neuritis Mean MS?

Are all patients who present with optic neuritis suspect for multiple sclerosis?

Cornea and Contact Lens Q & A

Is Ortho-K Really OK?

Or, should reports of bacterial corneal ulcers change our current practice?

Is Ortho-K Really OK?

Or, should reports of bacterial corneal ulcers change our current practice?

Diagnostic Quiz

Glaucoma Grand Rounds

Have Beta-Blockers Breathed Their Last?

Beta-blockers are a mainstay of therapy. But we monitor pulmonary function for safety.

Meetings and Conferences

Meetings and Conferences

Upcoming Events


The Marriage Of Education and Ethics

Why would the American Academy of Ophthalmology want to limit the learning of O.D.s with whom its members have patients in common?

Product Review

Retina Quiz

Answers, Retina Quiz, May 2004

Sudden Vision Loss Is Latest Problem

Sudden Vision Loss Is Latest Problem

Patient with systemic problems and reduced vision O.S. now has decreased vision O.D.

Therapeutic Review

Injections for Wet AMD

How intravitreal injections can halt choroidal neovascular membranes seen in wet AMD.